Sonia Beckwith Cole

St. Lucia - "... [A] sparse and stunning animated video. Forms move nonlinearly, with compromised gravity; they’re from another dimension, but one you’ve visited in a dream—undeniably fantastical, yet undeniably human." - Amileah Sutliff (

Sonia Beckwith Cole is an undergraduate student of digital painting and animation at OCAD University.

Working primarily with Photoshop and After Effects she attempts to blur the distinction between analogue and digital animation traditions by drawing on the strengths of handmade digital brushes, rendered textures and rotoscoped real world footage. Her animations tell personal stories through the fragmented narratives of obscured and painterly digital moving images.


Creative Work Experience

OCAD University
Undergraduate Studies

Centralia College
Associate of Arts

OCAD University
A/V and IT support monitor
2016- current

  • providing technical help with audio / visual technology, laptops and equipment

Blame your Brother Animation Studio
Animation Intern
2016 - 2017

  • Creative collaboration
  • Character animation, background painting
  • Adobe Animate, Photoshop, Illustrator

Exhibitions / Screenings 


  • Drake AV / Video Art Residency. June - September, 2017. Toronto, ON.
  •              Four digital video/animation works entitled: Dirty, Wet, Hot, Air.  

  • Insomniac Film Festival (4th Annual). August 2017. Royal Theater, Toronto. ON. St. Lucia. digital animation. 4:05.
  • Local Exposure Animation Festival by Toronto Animated Image Society (TAIS) April 28, 2017. Royal Theater, Toronto, ON. St. Lucia.  digital animation. 4:05.
  • Augmented Cinema Film Festival May 5 2017. Royal Theater, Toronto, ON. Bernice - St. Lucia. digital animation. 4:05.


  • Pillow Party - OCAD University, Toronto, ON. Performance / Animation / Installation
  • Breaking Medium - Ada Slaight Gallery, Toronto ON.  Experiments with Chroma Key Paint. animation / installation.
  • Festival of the Body - OCAD University, Toronto ON. Content Aware / Body Aware . mixed media.


  • Augmented Cinema Film Festival, Royal Theater, Toronto, ON. The Lion At Home. Stop Motion. 1:18.

Using Format